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Sushikiri On TCBlades

The Sushi Kiri is used exclusively in slicing Sushi - hens the name. It is for slicing rolls of sushi and Hako Sushi also known as Battera Sushi. This type of Sushi knife comes from Osaka and Kyoto areas. In Tokyo Yanagiba or Takobiki knives are used for cutting rolls of sushi. It works very well, especially when slicing lots of sushi rolls at once. One can slice 8 small sushi rolls at a time, and more than 4 Futomaki sushi rolls at once. The Sushikiri is used with movement of the wrist, utilizing the whole curve of the blade from heel to tip. When slicing sushi rolls, one starts from the heel of the blade the wrist and the tip of the blade in an upright position.The wrist is then released downwards. At the end of this "forward motion" the wrist is pointed down as is the tip of the blade. The motion is reversed in order to continue the cutting fluently.