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Japanese style kitchen knives

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European style kitchen knives

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Exclusivity In TCBlades


When you buy a TC Blades custom hand made kitchen knife, you own a knife that very few other people have. This is because TC Blades are all hand made knives. The hours needed to make a knife by hand essentially means that we cannot mass produce. We only make a few hundred blades or less per year which means there is a very limited quantity available to our potential customers. This is actually a benefit for you as a buyer, because it pretty much guarantees that you will be the only person in your area with this kind of knife. Your knife will be a rarity, unique in and of it's self.

Attention to detail In TCBlades

Attention to detail

Each and every one of our hand made custom knives receives our undevided attention, unlike mass produced products. As such, each feature can be tailor made to suit your wants and needs. This includes all of the functional elements of a blade, but also includes the artistic features and embellishments that mass production knives do not usually possess. This can include anything from custom etching and engraving, to special finishes, to uncommon sheathing options like wood. Most production knifemakers won’t even entertain making personalized versions of their knives because there is simply not enough money in it for them.


Made just for you In TCBlades

Made just for you

One of the biggest advantages offered by our custom hand made knives is that you get to pick your specs. You can pick the knife shape, your blade profile , your blade grind type , your handle material colors, finishes, etc. This is a case where the sky (or more specifically your pocketbook) is the limit. You get a knife that is built to perfection by your chosen standard.