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Deba 180mm, Standard, D-handle, Left

Deba 180mm, Standard, D-handle, Left1 On TCBlades

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Price: $US 298.80$  

This is the standard TC Blades 180mm right handed Honyaki Deba. This Honyaki Deba knife is an absolute work horse of a knife. Deba knives are used for fish and poultry processing.

This knife is "old school". The Honyaki blade is made of one single piece of steel not a laminate of hard steel and iron clad - and there in lays the difference. The blade is made of a high carbon tool steel called O1. It is an oil quenching steel considered by many to be a superb choice for kitchen knives. We certainly think so. 

Our line of standard Kurouchi finished knives follow the old Japanese crafts rational, where the blade is at the core of the instrument. The blade is the main focal point of these knives, made with utility in mind. The look and feel of the blade is rough and rugged - rustik in essence. This esthetic defines the Kurouchi finish. Made using simple yet very sturdy materials for its handle and saya, and possessing the high quality O1 high carbon tool steel, used in all of our knives, it provides you with a hard working, long lasting, Japanese style hand made kitchen knife.

The Deba (pointed carving knife) is a traditonal Japanese style kitchen carver used originally to cut fish, ut today also used when cutting meats. Deba knives come in different sizes. The deba first appeared during the Edo period in Japan. It was designed to behead and fillet fish. Its thickness, and often a more obtuse angle on the back of the heel allow it to cut off the heads of fish . The rest of the blade is then used to "ride" aalong the bones, separating the fillet from the fish. Despite it's appearence, the deba is not to chop large diameter bones.

Your knife will arive super sharp and ready to go straight out of the box. It is the perfect knife for anyone who loves a rustik feel in the kitchen, and likes to sharpen and polish his own knives on his own stones. The more you work with it, the more you sharpen and polish it on your stone, the nicer it will look. If you are after a cleaner more polished look right out of the box - use our custom knife design wizard to design and order your very own custom hand made TC Blades knife, or consider a knife from our "upgraded" or "premium grade" knives. 


Blade: 180mm, left handed, kurouchi finish in o1 tool steel - firescale left in tact. will display grinder and/or hammer marks.

Handle: "D" Shaped left handed, Lightwood w/ Synthetic collar

Saya: Lightwood saya, Rosewood peg.

*Comes complete with black storage bag and signed certificate of authenticity with your.


More info:

* The knife you recieve will be specially hand made, upon your order. As such it will display slight variations from the knife shown in the images. Rest assured that both are hand made in the same shop and by the same hands.

* All knives are hand made with great care. Hand made knives take some time to make, and a such we can only make a limited number of items. Please note that larger orders may take a longer time to fill. We do our best to make waiting times for your order as short as possible. We will incorporate your order as soon as your payment is completed. ETA of the ordered item depends on the workload and schedule in our workshop and may take between 45 to 180 business days from time of payment completion. Work on pre-ordered items is on a "first come first serve" basis. 


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