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Terms of service

The manufacturers are a small family business, specializing in hand made hand tools for various purposes such as food processing, and wood carving, hand made in traditional techniques. We are aware of the challenges faced by our customers when purchasing online and do our best to ensure that the experience of purchase, use and service is to your satisfaction. We do everything in our power to ensure that the products you purchase will serve you well for a long time.


Making these wares takes a relatively long time, since they are manufactured by hand and by traditional means and by only two people. There shall be no deviations from these conditions:


  1. No sale to minors. We reserve the right to ask any client to present proof of his or her identity and age at any time. Refusal to comply with this demand will lead to the cessation of the ordering process, and even to its immediate cancellation. We reserve the right to refuse a sale and / or service and / or contact with any person or company without any need to provide reasons or explanations to anyone.


  1. We sell to private individuals only, and not to wholesalers and / or companies and / or purchasing groups.


  1. All transactions are final, except in cases where the manufacturer decides otherwise, without forfeiting any of his rights. The manufacturer reserves the right to provide transactions with partial or full refund to the customer, even in cases where this is not consistent with the finality of the transaction. All in accordance with the sole discretion of the manufacturer and the merits of each case separately.


  1. Transactions can be cancelled with no consequence up to 21 business days from the date of placing the order. Transactions cancelled after 21 business days shall incur a 30% cancellation fee of the entire volume of the transaction. To avoid doubt, payed orders will be incorporated into the work schedule 21 days after payment, in order to insure no losses stemming from time spent or materials wasted are incurred due to a cancelation.


  1. Orders will be filled on a “first come first serve” basis and will also be shipped out in accordance with this order. No exceptions. ever.


  1. An incomplete order, for any reason whatsoever, will not be executed until the completion of the entire ordering process, including a payment of 100% of the order amount. Incomplete orders will be cancelled within 48 hours. There will be no notification of cancellation of incomplete orders. For the avoidance of doubt – payment for an order will be made in advance and in full within 48 hours of invoice’s issue. Customers who have not completed their order within the specified time (48 hours) and whose order has been cancelled will lose their place in queue for the production of their order.


  1. A completed order will be sent to the customer by registered mail without delay, except in cases where it has been made clear to the customer that there may be a certain delay in the delivery of the order – for example, if special materials need to be sourced, or a complex design execution which requires more time (Example: work that includes carving or engraving).


  1. Payment for shipping is included in the order invoice as a detail item, even where “100% free shipping” is offered. This is a matter of book keeping, and required of us by law.


  1. No refunds for shipping fees once items have been shipped. Ever.


  1. Orders will be provided to customers by registered mail delivery, in special cases, under very special circumstances we may opt for orders to be provided in other ways.


  1. The Company shall be the sole arbiter on the manner of delivery of the Order to the Customer.


  1. A customer may contact us at any time to inquire about the status of an order. In response, we will provide the following information:


  • Whether the order is or is not already on the production floor.


  • What is the expected date of shipping.


  • Shipping status where applicable.


  1. The goods will be sent to the customer within 90 days from the date of payment for the invoice. An order not sent within 90 days will be cancelled and the customer will be immediately refunded for the full amount paid at the time of booking.


  1. Wood carving as an occupation or a hobby is dangerous. Knives and carving axes as well as other carving tools of all kinds are very dangerous tools that can cause injury and even death. The customer hereby declares that he agrees that the sale of any tool to him by the Company does not constitute a recommendation on the company’s part (whether it is implied or explicit) to use any tool that has been purchased for anything at all. The seller shall not be liable for any damage of any kind caused as a result of the purchase and/or usage of the tools either by the customer himself or by a third party, directly or indirectly and as a result of any use of the tool and in general.




All products are hand made using traditional means. As a result, all the products show signs of making, size variation, differences in blade radius, grinding scratches, hammer dings, dents, curvatures, color changes and many other recognizable features.


The buyer agrees that these features are not and will not be considered “defects” either in the aesthetic sense or in the functional sense. The buyer acknowledges  that this is the nature of the Product and that he will not have any complaints, demands or claims of any kind on this subject.


The wares offered are for general, rational, reasonable, responsible, safe use. No warranty will be given for tools showing signs of unreasonable usage or blatant abuse.


The decision whether to repair or replace a tool is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. A tool deemed “irreparable” due to abuse will not entitle the buyer to a refund or replacement of the tool for a new one.


Despite this, the manufacturer reserves the right to replace and / or service any tool for free – even in cases where clearly the tool in question does not fall under the manufacturers stated warranty, and without forfeiting any of his rights.




  1. Service is 100% free under warranty as long as the tool for which the service is required meets the following conditions.


  1. The tool is used solely for the purpose for which it is created. Tools damaged by usage on unsuitable materials and / or the use of excessive force and extreme and unreasonable cutting angles to the point of damage to the blade of the tool / or which deviated in any way or otherwise from the norms for reasonable use shall not be serviced under warranty.


  1. Paid-for service may be obtained in order to try and repair (as much as possible) and / or to renew tool blades that have been broken as a result of improper use. The manufacturer does not guarantee that the renovation or renewal attempts will succeed. For the avoidance of doubt: Tools that will be broken or destroyed during the manufacturer’s attempt to renovate or renew them will not be replaced for new tools and will be considered as “irreparable, for which there is no refund or recourse. In such cases, the manufacturer shall not have to take any further action except inform the customer of his failure to renew the tool.


  1. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the manufacturer reserves the right to provide warranty and service on tools even if they are not covered under this contract – at his sole discretion, and without the need to explain his decision, and without forfeiting any of his rights.


  1. A customer interested in service under the warranty for tools will write to us. Customer will include up-to-date and clear pictures of the tool in question, the nature of the service required for the tool, the buyer’s name and surname, the address of his residence, and the date of purchasing the tool from us. A tool purchased for 12 months or more from the service call date is not under warranty, and the service will be offered to its owner in exchange for payment. Payment for maintenance, repair, and renovation work will be made in advance and in full. Service transactions can not be cancelled after performing of the service has commenced.


  1. Service under warranty for any tools shall be given only to the original purchaser by verifying the original details and purchase details of the tool in question.


  1. The manufacturer shall not bear any cost of shipping or return shipping of tools from the customer’s location to him or back to the customers location. Payment for shipping from the customer to the manufacturer and back will be paid by the customer in advance. This includes any expected customs, taxes, and tariffs upon entering the country, and time spent claiming a package from customs depot.


  1. Tools requiring service will be sent by registered online trackable means both to and from the manufacturer.


  1. The customer will provide up-to-date and clear photos of the tool by email, when requesting service, and a formal confirmation of shipping it to us by registered online trackable means bearing the stamp of the postal register and the tracking number of registered mail (sticker + barcode + timestamp).


  1. The manufacturer will not be responsible for cases of loss, lack of delivery, locating a shipment in transit, or any damage to the shipment during transit and delivery, or from us back to the customer.


  1. The warranty on tools does not include dulling of edges or re-sharpening of the blade. Top 8mm of blades are not covered by warranty. Customers interested in having us re-sharpen their blades or reprofiling a broken tip may do so for a fee. To remove any doubt: sharpening of purchased tools is not included in the warranty and neither are broken points.

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